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Sun Shield

Mandir (Maroon) Wine Gold Curtain Bracket 1 inch (25mm)

Mandir (Maroon) Wine Gold Curtain Bracket 1 inch (25mm)

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Curtains and curtain brackets are an integral part of any home décor. It not only alleviates the interior
looks of your house but also keeps your curtain in the right order, fulfilling the look of your house.
Sun Shield Single curtain bracket- Maroon Gold curtain bracket is a standard form of curtain bracket that can be
used to hang a single curtain.

Designer curtain brackets- This single curtain bracket can give your simple room a unique dimension.
The unique color combination of wine and gold is an eye-catcher. Unlike other simple curtain brackets,
this has a regal appeal.

So if you are in search of designer curtain brackets this is a good option to suit your appetite.
Zinc door curtain rod brackets- Another very popular used material is zinc which looks shiny and
luxurious, unlike any other curtain brackets. The end of this bracket is in the shape of a ball and socket
with a rod placed in the middle. Screws are provided for easy installation in the wall.

Anti-corrosive curtain brackets- The metal used in it is rustproof and highly durable.
Sun Shield curtain bracket is durable, cheap, and classy at the same time. The design is space confining
too along with its unique appeal and design.

So hurry up! You can go for the combo deal where you will get an additional discount for a lump
sum purchases at your doorstep without any worry.

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